Some tools for Nitro Sound Data (SDAT).

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Nitro Tools

Welcome to the Nitro Tools collection by Gota7! Here you can find some useful tools for editing sdat.

Nitro Studio is probably what you came here for.


Nitro Studio (Installer) - GUI editor for SDAT files. (Note: To uninstall, delete the install path and remove the desktop shortcuts by right clicking them and hitting “open file location”, and delete them.)

Nitro Studio (Portable) - GUI editor for SDAT files.

SymbTool - Editor for symb.bin

InfoTool - Editor for info.bin

Special Thanks

Eugene - Overall support and ideas for new features, a lot of Nitro Studio’s conviences are because of him. Gericom - For generously allowing me to use some of his tools for SSEQ playback and IMA-ADPCM encoding. He also helped me understand how parts of the stream works. RoadrunnerWMC - For taking the time to answer some of my questions about the SDAT, giving me a pretty solid understanding of jow things work.


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